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Intel V.90 56K Internal Modem Chipsets

Intel V.90 56K Internal Modem Chipsets

SKU: 94

Brand: Intel


-For ADSL and V.90 

-Upgradable to V.92


Get Online with Intel V.90 56K Internal Modem - Modem Chipsets (ADSl & V.90)



-Up to 56kbps download speed from internet

-Support ITU V.90 56K Protocol

-Controllerless for driver easy upgrade to V.92

-Microphone & speaker I/Os for full duplex speakerphone functionality (Voice model only)

-Including Data/Fax/Audio communication software suit

-Support PnP interface specification




1) Data Modem:

-Line speed: 300-56000bps

-Standard compatibility: V.90, ITU V.34, V.32bis, V.23, V.22bis, V.21 and Bell 103,212A

-Error correction: ITU V.42, MNP 5

-Data compression: ITU V.42bis, MNP 5

-Flow control: RTS/CTS,XON/XOFF

-Command set: TIA/EIA 602 "AT" command set


2) Fax Modem:

-Line speed: 2400-14400bps

-Standard compatibility: ITU V.17, V.29

-Command set: EIA 578 class 1 command set


3) Terminal-to-modem data rate (DTE speed): 300-230400bps


4) Hardware interface: compliant with PCI 2.1 & 2.2


5) Power requirement: PCI bus +5V & +3.3V


6) System requirements: Win3.11/95/98/ME/2000/NT4.0;CD-ROM driver


Regulatory/Agency Approvals: -USA-FCC Part 15 (class B) -Pan-European-R&TTE/CE (class B) -Taiwan-DGT/CNS

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