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Clear Shield Keyboard Protector

Clear Shield Keyboard Protector

SKU: 110-114

Type: Mac Accessories

Brand: Clear Shield


- Designed for MacBook Air 11"
- Protect your keyboard against grease and spills 


- Washable and reusable anti-bacteria surface
- Ultra-thin and non-toxic thermoplastic urethane 
- Meticulousness of molding which allows the incomparable tactile response 
- Top-notch transparency film allows backlit keys to shine through 
- Elegantly fit to keyboard eliminates movement 
- Provides protection against spills, resist dirt and stains 


Instructions for cleaning:
1. Apply little amount of detergent on a damp cloth
2. Gently wash Clearshield using the damp cloth 
3. Rinse Clearshield thoroughly with running water
4. Laid Clearshield on a wide surface and allows it to air-dry naturally 


- Exerting excessive force during cleaning may induce wrinkles/creases 
- Do not use soap to clean Clearshield 


*As the products sold are on sales items, item will be non-refundable.*

  • Disclaimer

    As the products sold are on sales items, item will be non-refundable. 



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