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Bundle of 3 Virtual Desktop Application (Mthly Subs)

Bundle of 3 Virtual Desktop Application (Mthly Subs)

*Price indicated above per month.


* Customers can choose to pay by PayPal or Giro (Manual Payment) for the 1st Month. For subsequent months, payment must be done using Giro. 


4 Months Contract Package Includes:


Virtual Desktop Intro Pak For 3 Units 

Virtual Processor: 1

Virtual Ram: 2 GB

Server Storage: 128 GB

Data Disk: 1

Max IOPS: 1x500

Usage purpose: Desktop Virtualization


Terms & Conditions:

1) The above price is limited to Data Management (IOPS), Storage, Local Redundancy, 24 Hours Computation and Data Transfer In (Unlimited) and Out (5GB). Any additonal usage will be charged accordingly. 


2) As the contract last for 4 months, any cancellation during the contract period will be charged.


3) The deduction will be done by Giro automatically for the subsequent months. 


4) Promo pricing of $68 per desktop per month is only valid for minimum signups of 3 desktops. Otherwise, usual price of $99 per desktop per month applies. 


5) One-time Setup Charges of $350 applies.


6) Promo pricing is valid only for a limited amount of time. 



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