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1x Adhoc Charges

1x Adhoc Charges


* Deduction of 4 Tokens (2 Hours) for each adhoc Maintenance. 

* Additional Hours used during the Adhoc Maintenance will be charged accordingly at a flat rate of $450 (4 Tokens).

*The Adhoc Maintenance hours are only valid on the day the service is delivered.


1) Types of Services Provided

a) Onsite^ Support: Technical team will go over to customer's workplace to provide the technical support. 

b) Remote Support: Technical support will be done remotely through TeamViewer Application.  

*Link will be given to the customers to download the application in order for the technical team to access the customers' laptop/desktop remotely. 
^Due to Covid'19 Pandemic, onsite support will only be available if remote support is not possible. Onsite support will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.


3) Delivery of Service  

a) Express: Our technical team will respond within 4 hours.

b) Next Business Day (NDB) : Our technical team will respond within Next Business Day (9am-5pm).

  • Contract Policy

    Terms and Conditions:

    1) The Maintenance service is available to corporate customers/ individual who have a valid Singapore business or company registration number/ Identity Number.  

    Termination of Agreement & Suspension of Service:               

    1) There will no refund or brought forward for any unused hours (if any) after the maintenace period.                                        


    For the avoidance of doubt, the Adhoc Maintenance Services do not include the following:

    1) Correction of error or defects caused by the modification, revision, variation or alteration of the software not authorized by Prominds.           

    2) Diagnosis of faults not relating with computer network issues. 

    3) Training of personnel.                                        
    4) Replacement of any hardware parts/ devices.

    5) Diagnosis of data & software lost or corrupted due to computer viruses and hardware faults.                                        
    6) Additional of new features e.g., relocating of cables, computers & other devices, etc.

    7) Diagnosis of software applications other than Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Microsoft Office, Symantec Anti-Virus and any other software/programs stated in other written document.

    8) Installation of new software/ programs unless otherwise stated in writings.                                        



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